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10 Home Organizing and Cleaning Tips

If you are a single man/woman army to clean and organize your house then certainly it is a tough, UNPAID and a full time job. There are hundreds of home organizing tips but we need to shortlist the ones that works the best.Who does not want to step in to a beautiful organized and clean house after a hard day at work?  To achieve that peacefulness you have to capture the following flags. These tips (if dedicated) will not only make your cleaning task easier but will save a lot of time as well.

Keep a Donation Bag

In every single house there are plenty of things to donate. Our old books, shoes, bags, kitchen tools, containers, cooking pots, toiletries and clothes. Keep a random shopping bag or a big basket throw all the things which you can donate. Do this every month and it will make you feel organized and contended.

Get rid of Broken and Useless Items

We usually have so many broken things in our kitchens or store rooms. Usually we keep a broken decoration piece or a bag strap in a hope of fixing it soon but that “soon” never comes. This is the time to through them out of your house and clear out your space.

One in, one out Rule

This is a rule that I follow religiously and it helped me a lot to clean my house. If I buy a new pair of shoes I donate one of my old pairs. In this way my new things do not take any extra space. Likewise if you buy a new set of containers for your kitchen try to donate some of the old ones. Same goes for the clothes and sports items. Piling up everything is never a good option.

10 Home Organizing and Cleaning Tips

Sort out your papers and documents

We all keep the grocery receipts, bills old newspapers or magazines because we just like to keep them for “may be” we will need them. It’s good to keep a track of your expenses but it’s wise to move your old important receipts on an excel sheet in your computer or keep the grocery receipts of last or current month and throw the rest of them in a dustbin. We live in a digital world and everything can be stored digitally in proper organized folders on our computers or mobile phones.

10 Home Organizing and Cleaning Tips

Go through your billing file or other documents and throw everything that is too old to keep.

Home organizing must haves – a tool box

Tools are important and expensive so there should be a proper place for them. We have glue guns, screw guns, hammer and other bigger tools in our houses. To store them properly we should invest in a good tool box so the next time you want a screw driver you know its exact place.

Invest in organizers and storage boxes

If you have big and useless shelves in your pantry and closets. Organizers can save your space and will make them more practical for your everyday access.

I usually buy baskets and lid boxes for my pantry that you can stack up easily. For the closets you can use hanging organizers for your undergarments and tank tops. Keeping baskets for socks, belts and hats is also a good option.

10 Home Organizing and Cleaning Tips

There are several kind of organizers available in the market check them out and buy them as per your space requirement. Believe me it will make a huge difference.

Baking Soda is a must have

Baking soda can do a lot more than just sitting in the back of the fridge. If you do not have it in your house you have to get it today. There are plenty of videos over the internet to clean your shoes, carpets, bathrooms and kitchen tops using baking soda. It can literally absorb bad odor and make your house look clean and sassy.

Clean your kitchen right away

I know when we get tired of cooking and baking in our kitchens the last thing we want is to clean all the mess that we have created. One thing that can relax you is to put things right back at their designated places after using them while cooking. Keep the dirty spoons and dishes in the sink to wash. Clean the counter and declutter it while cooking. If anything falls on the floor pick up right away. Keep a trash bowl or bag near your counter to throw trash.

10 Home Organizing and Cleaning Tips

Ask your family members to put their dishes in the dishwasher or sink right after finishing their dinner. Make them help you to clean the dining table or living area after having their meals.

Appliances need cleaning too

A vacuum cleaner is there for you to clean your house but that does not mean it will stay clean forever. A thing that is taking in dirt will get dirty as well. Once or twice in a month depending upon your consumption you need to clean it properly. Same is the case with washing machines and microwave ovens. Vinegar is one of the best cleaner for such appliances.  So the next time you wash clothes make sure that you rinse your washing machine with vinegar and water solution and clean it properly before using it.

No shoes Policy

Shoes from outside can bring a lot of germs and bacteria in the house. As per feng shui rules they bring the negativity from the street inside your house and no one wants that. It will be a healthy to have a shoe policy in your house. You have to keep separate indoor shoes for your family members. This will help your house to stay clean for a longer time.

10 Home Organizing and Cleaning Tips

I hope these tips will help you stay a bit more organized and sorted. If you have more tips to add and want to win this battle do comment below and stay chic 🙂



  1. Great ideas I like the shoe tree and 1 in 1 out policy.

  2. Loved this article. I already do a few of these things but will definitely look into the other tips. I have always said a clutter free home is a happy home. I also explain to my five year old that a new toy means an old toy has to be donated.. so far so good. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing those tips, indeed baking soda is a must in every house!

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