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10 Steps to be yourself and look good

The term “Being Fashionable” has become awfully confusing for us.  While getting ready for an occasion most of the time we are in a battle between our fashion principles and what we are planning to wear.  This happens because we want to be like every other person that we Love (Friend, a celebrity or a girl next door). It gets scary when deep inside we have fashion choices like Vidya Balan but when we dress up to meet people (to whom we want to impress) we dress up like Meesha Shafi. This brings a conflict in our behavior and personality, resulting in a confused looking girl meeting people and being a Jerk in public.

Following are some tips that I always give it to my clients, to look fashionable without being uncomfortable with our likes and dislikes.

Accept who you are

Being a girl it’s important to discover yourself. Finding the imperfections in yourself all the time, will not bring satisfaction and happiness in your Life. For Everyone God Almighty has defined a trait, just find what is best in you and try to work on it to make your personality’s best trait. Every person has his own characteristics, i would suggest you to combine the chunks of your personality and make it your strength. Same goes with fashion, if kameez shalwar suits you, it’s not a shame, go for its best version for the most important occasions. If you are a skirts person, but always feel like wearing scarf or dopatta, than make your Style, that compliments your long or short skirts with the neck accessories or scarfs. Stick to your style and make it strong enough to be your personality trait.

In this way you will earn your personality, will stay in your comfort zone and will stay fashionable as well.

10 Steps to be yourself and look good

10 Steps to be yourself and look good


Appreciate yourself

If you keep on degrading yourself this will lead you to mental illness.  You forget that you cannot be Angelina Jolie, but you are also forgetting that Angelina Jolie can never become you. if you haven’t found your inner beauty yet, you need to work on it. No one is here in this world without any quality, everyone has their own secret gem in their personality that helps them to love themselves. You might be imperfect as you don’t fall on your perfection standards, but you might be a benchmark of perfection for someone else. There might be something, some style or anything that compliments you. Personality and fashion is interlinked. You need to find that differentiation in your style and make it your fashion statement.

Love yourself

10 Steps to be yourself and look good


Choose your style


I am taking my own example, I always feel uncomfortable with few fashion trends, I hated jumpsuits on me, I dnt wear jeans and round neck tops, I like to wear jeans with formal kurtas, or collared shirts, I like to wrap scarfs over it, But I accessorize well.I appreciate myself being tall and confidentially wearing western and eastern dresses with my own style alterations, I don’t follow any strict fashion rule. I never allow those dresses to come in my closet which make me uncomfortable. I find wearing bold colors, and bit of funky things which strengthen my personality. These things help me a lot to move confidently in my social Circles. Now this all became my trademark.

Indian fashion illustration

10 Steps to be yourself and look good

Maintain your personal hygiene

Put your best foot forward. Maintaining your personal hygiene is important not only to look and smell perfect every day, but also to prevent the onset and spread of infectious diseases. Take proper precautions to stay hygienic. This will help you to bring more confidence to your style.  If you are not perfectly clean, your hair are messed up or due to some reason you are stinking than you should be very careful. Be particular about your hygiene and for serious matters visit a reliable dermatologist.

10 Steps to be yourself and look good

10 Steps to be yourself and look good


Wear what your body says

Every dress has its own identity and persona, if your style doesn’t match with the dress, you won’t be able to pull it off. Every girl should understand what her body says. The shape of your body has to do a lot with the fashion choices. Select clothes according to your body type that will help you and your dress to complement each other.

Its not about what size you are, Its about how you wear it.

Never over do

Dressing up according to the occasion should be your Mantra. Never over do- your look with a lot of makeup, too much of accessories or simply by your extremely embellished dress. Stay Sophisticated, Stay Chic.

Find a subtle, everyday makeup routine.

If it’s your school or office, your everyday makeup should be subtle. All you need is a concealer, good moisturizing foundation and a nude eye shade with your favorite lip gloss or lipstick.  Just find the best products for your skin, and do not make your skin look cakey.

everyday makeup routine

10 Steps to be yourself and look good

Deal with the negative Perceptions

Everyone has that friend or coworker who sucks the energy right out of you. The easiest way to get out of the situation is either to disarm their negativity by proving them wrong or ignore what they say about you. Be more confident and strengthen your skills and personality to fight against the negativity. Talk more to others, exchange your views and let your mind get free from that shit. Your true personality will one day make them realize about their mistake of spreading the negative energy around you.


Fashion world and your reality

The fashion and glamour world is not practical. They show us Luxuries and stardom, But in real life even those characters are the normal human beings like us. They made up all this for forceful product buying. We all get attracted to a woman at vogue’s cover wearing a mini skirt, But probably in real life she isn’t even comfortable wearing it. This is mainly for money.  You might end up creating a vogue inspired wardrobe to impress your friends, but it might be useless and impractical. You have to set your own boundaries, your own comfort zone and then plan your style and dresses accordingly.

fashion industry and your reality

10 Steps to be yourself and look good



Inner peace and comfort brings a more beautiful version of yours in front of others. Whatever you wear be confident, and let it compliment you to its fullest.

Always take time for yourself, take care of your body, health and your home, these all things help you to become a better person



relax and stay chic

10 Steps to be yourself and look good



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