10 things wise women should do:

I am writing this blog today because I have seen people changing their habits, all the good things which made our elders successful are not followed by us. We are going against Nature, against the rules of Nature and Allah, which is effecting us.

We see women around us as artists, teachers, doctors, Mothers, nurses, Officers, Scientists, Musicians. These women are somewhat playing multiple roles in their daily lives.  They have their own goals and their own definition of success. But for being successful  and strong there are few guidelines that I believe every women should follow.

 A good morning routine:

Like birds, like Sun, if you want to make a difference rise early and see what the day has decided for you.  If you are rising early in the morning, saying your prayers and having a healthy early breakfast you can always get a lot of time to organize your tasks before the start of your working hours. With the responsibilities of a job, a woman has responsibilities of her house and family as well, which can be easily managed by waking up early.

The time which you get early  in the morning is actually your time. Take a bath have some fresh air, do yoga and stretches and this will bring a change in your day ahead.

Set your time table:

After starting your day with a healthy routine make a time table of your meals, any special diet you are having, your water intake, exercise, work, precisely a simple breakdown of your day in terms of basic activities.

Task List:

Make a list of all the important tasks that you need to do. Probably some grocery shopping an appointment or a meeting. You do not need to make an hourly list or mention every tiny detail, let your brain work as well.

Set priorities:

If you need to go for your manicure appointment or if there is a kid’s carnival you should be smart enough to prioritize and manage your time and family time. Both can’t go simultaneously but can be done one after another. But if you have to go for a dotor’s appointment or an important meeting these should be given a red flag while being busy.  If you are in office and have to go on a family dinner in the evening then you should have ironed your dress before going to office. These sort of witty time management tricks look minor but give a great deal while multi-tasking.


Always define your goals. If you have your own business or doing a desk job or something similar , your work should always bring something valuable to you. If you are not learning anything from what you are doing then you are probably wasting your time. My mother once said to me “My daughters are precious to me so, never let anyone devalue you” that means we are very important, we should not let ourselves down in front of others. We have a value and we should make others realize that. Never settle for anything less than “awesome”

Love your body:

Making breakfast, going to work, coming back, making dinner and cleaning the house, are you doing to Justice to yourself? Responsibilities never say to forget yourself.

Our life is a gift from Allah and we are accountable for it. Have a healthy breakfast, take your vitamins, have fruits and say no to JUNK. It’s never about starving and getting thin, but to love yourself as you are and becoming better and healthier.

Shopping or no shopping:

Shopping is usually my therapy when I am feeling low. But I never buy stuff that I do not need. If I go grocery shopping I never buy clothes, and If I am for my own shopping I never buy Milk or bread. Always make your monthly list of what you need and what your kitchen needs. 😀


This one word is very important in our lives. Every women has to simplify, their living, their routines, their plans and lifestyle. If you adapt this habit things will get smooth for you. Always make procedures for your tasks. Keep them simple and clean to make your life easy.

Bold is not a bad word:

Ever thought of standing for your rights? Oh! Wait, Do you even know what your rights are?

Stand for yourself. Learn your value, People specially the old aunties might call you bold or cunning but no one will ever going to take care of you, or love you, if you are not doing that on your own. If someone bothers you go and give them a Shut up call, they have no right to say you things that you do not deserve.

People respect those, who respect themselves. People love those, who love themselves

Some women are lost in the fire, some women are built from it, and you have to choose who you are.

Family and friends:

Your family and friends are the ones who make and break you.  If you will choose good people around you, they will bring a positive you to the world. Choose them smartly.

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