5 Thing For A Better Skin

I have seen women taking extreme measures to get a perfect skin. It’s the time where we have amazing laser techniques to get over our chronic issues and we got the range of amazing beauty brands helping us out to make our skin look assured. But there are few basic things that we can not forget while taking care of our skinBut one does not have to shell out a ton of cash if there are a lot cheaper options to control these skin issues.

Even after following these 5 simple rules you will see a visible youthful change on your skin.

Avoid Stress

Yes, I know it’s not easy. The only person who is going through stress knows how tough it is to get over it. But there are few measures that one can take to help their body, to atleast behave a little normal. I would like to advise everyone to wake up early in the morning and do yoga or meditation for a peaceful soul. This will do wonders to your personality. 10 to 15 minutes for yourself in the morning can make you a well sorted person.


Lack of Sleep

Our social media news feed keeps us busy all day long, even before the bed we get stick to our screens for countless minutes. The harmful emissions from the screens have disturbed our natural body timer. If we used to sleep at 10:30 we now sleep around 1 or 2:00 am. Early morning work stress and running around to finish the day jobs will make it worse, especially our skin and eyes.

Try to sleep early, switch off all your internet connections and gadgets an hour before your sleep time. Use Sleeping oils or Pillow sprays to make yourself comfortable in bed.


Poor Diet

Monotonous busy routines force us to find easy way outs for breakfast and other meals. Cereals, sandwiches and snacks aren’t always the option. We need to have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies contain carotenoids. Research shows that eating more of them can actually help your skin tone look brighter and glowy



Protecting yourself from the UV rays is really important. While using sunblock do not forget to apply it on your neck and chest. Even if you don’t have a habit of applying Sunblock, you should buy makeup that has SPF in it.



9 to 5 desk job is one of the main reason of how we feel and behave. Purpose of life is far more then surfing on the internet. Try to indulge yourself in physical activities like hiking, swimming or jogging. Daily exercise will make your body work. Physical activities help to boost the blood flow.  The better the blood flow, the better the skin.



If you want to add more to this article let me know in the comments below so, that we can help everyone towards a better skin and better life #Saychic


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