Ari Cohen – an amazing eye for Senior Fashionists

Have you ever noticed the senior set of our society? had a look on what they wear? how much they are concerned about their attire ? Probably Nooooottt!

This world is all about intellectual people embracing themselves in their own fashion statements. But we usually neglect them and underestimate there timeless fashion aesthetics. There is one person who unlocked the secrets of the hidden style icons Ari Cohen , an owner of a blog ADVANCED STYLE, that captures the most stylish and creative older folks in the streets of New York.


‘Linda’ Linda Rodin by Ari Seth Cohen

He is concerned about the negligence of this old aged fashionistas not being the cookie of big fashion shows; they are not talked about in the blogs and newspapers , yet they are motivated to keep on managing their manic styles.

We never see ramps full of grey headed women, though we are not here to underestimate the young models, but the old ladies are confident of being intellectual and knowing a lot then the rest.

Ari Cohen says “For the past three years, I have been documenting the fashion and wisdom of the senior set for my blog Advanced Style. I am currently in the process of working on a book for Power House Books”

The women that he captures from his camera’s eye are all older than 90 years. They do pilates, go out dancing, and maintain busier social calendars than most women half their age. They have taught me that the key to living a long, happy life is staying active and interested in the world. These gorgeous ladies take away the fear of aging and give us all something to look forward to.

One of his best shots are here


Joyce by Ari Cohen


Angela –older wiser and more fabulous


The vintage jewelry

Ari Cohen has captured their happiness, the pleasure they feel while being that fabulous on these busy roads, and the most important part –They are now appreciated and praised.

I pray that every young girl has an old age like these fashionable women  #staychic


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