Beauty is ME

I Stand for the Women of all Shapes and Sizes



Beauty is me


It’s been more than 2 years that I am associated with the field of Fashion and Design. I have met women from different ages and ethnicity, and they all perceive the term fashion differently. What they wear is loud enough to be the identification and they vie to get famous as to be called trendsetter or modish among their social circles.

This fashion drift is so strong in our society that we forget to listen to our own selves. Marketing and brands have the most controversial aspect that’s “MODELS”. A selling point for big brands are Comfort, style, subtlety, reliability and  perfection but the image they depict is more of a  perfect shaped girl supported by photoshop and makeup. That Model is symbolised as perfection that can endorse the brand.

The ads, the photo-shoots and the Jaw dropping Fashion shows carbon copy all the images which define perfection to be a fashion Diva. Our girls imitate those ideas and apply on their selves without knowing the other side of the picture that these Models starve, stay hospitalized and get eating disorders just to keep themselves svelte.

Dieting, starving and saying No to your body has become a common culture in our growing society. Media influence is very strong that it cannot uncover the reality of the horrific fashion industry. Our girls are accepting what they see on TV, Internet and in Magazines.


Noticing all these problems growing in our youth I am here to stand for them and make them accept the true story. The originality of being pretty and being obliged of what we have not to strive of what others have. I want our young girls to know the body they have is the best body. They should know how to deal with their shape and size. Our girls should have the awareness of how unrealistic society has become on what a woman should look like by the types of clothes that are being made now and models being photoshopped and how the media portrays beauty now days.-picture. Our girls should learn to be fashioned with their own curves in their own sizes.

They’re tall, curvaceous and breathtakingly beautiful girls in the fashion world, but these women are forced to call themselves plus-sized, We have to build the awareness that if you are super thin or if you have curves its positive to be obliged rather than running after other’s body.

Stand for Yourself:

I would like to spread this awareness not only in Pakistan but throughout the world. Woman is beauty, and everyone has a right to be loved but for that we have to love ourselves first. Look atyourself in the mirror and say #Beautyisme

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.  – Lucille Ball



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