Best Fashion Illustrator HAYDEN WILLIAMS:

Whenever I stalked fashion illustrations, I always came up with fascinating figures wearing amazing dresses; but I never payed attention to the signature next to those aspiring figures. Once I thought to read the name and it was written HAYDEN WILLIAMS. Without much ado I logged on my Facebook and searched for this name, yes there he was and I could not believe that, my inspiration, someone who pulled me in this fashion world, beloved “HAYDEN WILLIAMS” was a young guy. I thought He might be a person who looks like a fashionista of 40+ age, But no no noooo!

He was a young guy who does not have any concerns with paparazzi or anything related to “BEING FAMOUS” , but after all his struggle of being away for social highlights there is no one in this whole fashion world that does not know about his amazing artistic skills and fashion aesthetics. 😀

Hayden Williams’s sketches are filled with those tiny deep details which even a designer can miss in making the sketch. His illustrations and sense of fashion has given the upcoming designers new ideas that can refurbish the fashion culture.

From the covers of VOGUE to the most aspiring singers, latest designs of dresses, legendary Marilyn Monroe till covering Audrey Hepburn –just name it and you will find a sketch signed by HAYDEN WILLIAMS.

My most favourite ones are:




“Happy Birthday Marilyn!”





‘A Very Stylish Girl’ 




“Vintage Inspired”




‘In Her Own Time’ 





“Blush Beauty”




“Paparazzi Fodder”




“Think Pink”




“The September Issue: Anna Wintour”



NYFW: “Girl on the Go”




“True Classic”




“The September Issue: Anna Wintour”


It was hard for me to short list his art work to post in my article, but I just wish to get my sketch made by him once in my life, its heard by his people around that his passion, brilliance and expertise  are a lot more then what he sketches.

Rihanna was the first admirer of Williams’s work, He says wishing on her Birthday

“We started speaking 3 years ago and she was the first to show my fashion illustrations love. I still remember how bubbly, beautiful, and bright she was when we met and the big embrace she gave. A genuine sweetheart! Much love and more success to you, you deserve it!! Happy Birthday Rihanna”

So cutting it short

I absolutely love this guy. His talent is beyond your wildest imagination and he sounds so lovely and humble in this interview. Keep creating such beautiful things for us to enjoy please.


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