Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

If you always have a hard time finding the best shape of the sunglasses for your face then this article will help you out for sure. With the changing fashion trends we just love to wear whatever comes in vogue or other fashion magazines.

But this should not be the case. We need to study our face.

Men and women have different style options available in the market. At times unisex sunglasses are the only ones that makes you look perfect.

If you are looking for men’s sunglasses for summers,  then first thing is to focus on the shape of your face.


After you get to know about your face then you need to choose the type of sunglasses that you want. Usually sunglasses have the categories like retro, cat eye, sports, aviators etc.

You can choose sunglasses after knowing about your face type. Following guidelines can help you out to choose it wisely.

Heart Shaped: If you are a heart shaped person, then you must have a pointed jaw line, to normalize it you need to wear sunglasses which are wider from the top.


Round Faced: If you are a round faced person, then anything oversized will be perfect on your face, this will also help your face to look little thinner.

Oval Faced: Keep proportion in mind. Anything round or square will help you to normalize the proportion. For oval faces aviators suits best.

Square Faced: This face has a strong jaw and wider features. To soften such faces, you have to choose glasses with thin frames and basic colors or choose frameless.

If you are a girl then it’s even easier because of the extensive choices. After finding out what is your face type (Follow the above mentioned chart) you can find several options of sunglasses. In ladies sunglasses it’s best to play with the prints and colors to be comfortable.





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