how to make a capsule wardrobe

How to plan for a Capsule Wardrobe

We are living in a world of fast fashion. Trends come and go really quickly. We shop with every changing trend and hoard on things because we don’t know when we might need it again. JUST to make this simple here comes the concept of capsule collection and capsule wardrobe. This concept was coined by Susie Faux, the owner of a London boutique called “Wardrobe” in the 1970s. while creating a capsule wardrobe you have to include some irreplaceable items which are forever needed and can be augmented with seasonal pieces.

We all know the concept of minimalism and simplicity and the world is adopting it as a fashion statement or there might be a possibility that we all are accepting that “less is more”.

My fashion and Style has evolved over the years. I used to be an avid shopper and now I hardly invest on clothing. I have started my journey of creating my own capsule wardrobe and following are my tips if you are on a mission to have one of yours. These 8 rules will make your struggle a lot easier

Plain Basics for your Capsule Collection

There are few things which we always need in our Wardrobe. So lets start with them. A graphic or statement Tee, basic white good quality shirt, distressed jeans, Denim Jacket, black sleek trousers, grey or neutral colored Tee. A white, Beige colored trouser that will be used with a lot of Pakistani kurta. These things basically form the soul of our outfit. Invest in few of these good quality pieces because they are the essence of your capsule wardrobe.

Colors and Prints

If you wear some basic colors like white, black, beige, fawns, blues etc then add a bit of color to your whole outfit. I personally keep different colored or printed scarfs/shawls in my closet. You can also add some printed shirts in your capsule collection. Some lace-like detailed shirts, or Pakistani printed shirts (I just love them and they look chic) these items will help you to enhance your style and make your wardrobe quite tasteful.

Wardrobe Highlighters

Anything that is dauntless and fearless is your wardrobe highlighter. May be Chiara shoes  from Sophia Webster, or  a kiss of death clutch from Charlotte Olympia items like these have a greater recall value when you take them in public and people never forget about how fashionable your look was.  If you love these vibes spend some $$$ in eye catchy things and make your looks memorable :p

capsule wardrobe

Investment pieces in your Capsule Wardrobe

Long dresses, tunics, Coats or good leather jackets- these are occasional items that we keep to wear on special events but they define your whole outfit. Find your perfect fit and style and add them in your capsule wardrobe collection. A simple tee shirt with distressed jeans can make a whole cut outfit if you add a leather jacket over your shoulders.

capsule wardrobe

Jewelry Do’s

First you need to define your style (gold, silver, funky, delicate, simple, ornamental). This will help you to define your choices. Never go too crazy while buying jewelry. Our capsule collection reminds us to keep it simple and unique. Once you have decided what you are going for the next task is to set a fixed quantity you want to keep (Here we are talking about day to day basic jewelry items not the expensive ornaments) I always keep 3 best watches, 3 small pendants , few rings and 2 to 3 basic ear rings that I mostly like to wear. After defining your quantity, shortlist the things that you want to keep and let others enjoy the things that you have excluded from your collection.

capsule wardrobe


Shopping for seasonal items

Everyone loves cozy over sized jumpers and floral summer dresses. We have to select the items that we can use frequently. It should not be a one time affair. For a capsule wardrobe colors and style is a key here. I don’t want to keep the jumpers stacked in the closet because they were too bold to wear. Fashion industry is quite versatile and there are designers who are bringing collections which are minimalist and catches everyone’s eye so choose wisely.

capsule wardrobe

Plan your Shoes

There are many styles types in shoes. Shoes that we need to keep should be meaningful. While buying shoes you have to keep in mind that we have to get a use out of them. Keep the colors light neutral so they can be utilized with most of your outfits. With shoes you strictly need to keep the rule of one in one out. If mules are in fashion get them but take out any of the old ones to keep a balance.


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  1. I love this, I will have to save it just for me to be able to aalways refer to it.

  2. I have always loved the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but even if I sort out twice or even thrice a year then I still have way too many different styles that don’t fit one wardrobe. I am in awe of everyone who makes it work. Maybe I get there someday.

  3. Great post, I’m trying to be more of a minimalist but when you love fashion it’s hard

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