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Send a child to a class

Send a child to a Class (Ramadan Special)

So if you are following me on my youtube channel, you must have seen me reviewing the products I got from the body shop event held in Islamabad before Ramadan. Read more…

Visiting The Body Shop and some pleasing Surprises:

Hey pretty ladies, Hope June is being Nice to every one of you :). Today I have an interesting news to share. Guesses?

Breaking the suspense 😀 Read more…

Socks and Beyond

Are you crazy about buying cute socks while doing your winter shopping? than you are like me. 😀

I always have ice cold feet in winters, just do not know the reason.  So wearing socks is always important. I usually buy knee long socks as it’s always wise to keep your feet warm to maintain your body temperature. Read more…

Oil pulling Fad or Fab?


From months “Oil Pulling” has become a frequently discussed, searched and a talked about issue. Some people are treating it as their golden key of health and beauty and some are actually taking it as a Vigor topic or a step towards fame of being Fit and healthy and money making strategy. Read more…

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