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5 ways to wear Red this February

5 ways to wear Red this February

We all have grown up seeing the obsession of celebrating February with all those red hearts, flowers and candle light dinners. But I was always the one who thought February is just too overrated for celebrating love. Read more…

Winter Outfit Ideas

In 2015, for me the perspective of the word “Life” has totally changed. For everyone its divided in Past, Present and Future but for me it is actually work and then home, food, mum and siblings, and Yes – Sometimes Friends too. Read more…

by B

The not so mainstream Summer Dress

I am here with another amazing summer outfit. As the trends are – pastels are something that has to be in your summer dress. But here I am breaking the rules 😀 Read more…

by B

Spring Outfit Inspiration:

I have recently designed this Silk printed dress that I named “SmokeyPink”. It’s a baggy top that has smoking at its bottom and at the end of the sleeves. Read more…

The Spring Tales 2015

The Spring Tales 2015

Behold my Ladies, the spring has come,

Scientifically it is proven that spring is the most delightful season, it brings color, hopes, motivation and Life. Our Earth’s axis is angled between its closest and furthest position from the sun that makes every day quite pleasant and happening. Read more…

Socks and Beyond

Are you crazy about buying cute socks while doing your winter shopping? than you are like me. 😀

I always have ice cold feet in winters, just do not know the reason.  So wearing socks is always important. I usually buy knee long socks as it’s always wise to keep your feet warm to maintain your body temperature. Read more…

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