Comfortable shoes make you look and feel better

We all often notice women in the parties or at shopping malls dangling in their heels, leaning on their partner and clumsily running for a place to sit and take off their shoes for a deep breath. It looks so funny and disturbing, as it seems like some mental illness.

A normal person always prefer his comfort and peacefulness at first, whenever they are in public. A perfect outfit with an amazing makeup and hairdo BUT a duckling walk, just imagine it’s a worst intuition about a lady. Shoes are the most important component of your personality when you are expressing yourself. They should be pretty, comfortable and loud enough to express your style. I always suggest women to wear boots, kitten heels or flats while going at work or shopping or even for dinners and lunches with family and friends. These make me feel comfortable and I can walk miles and miles in them, unlike the floppy walk of other miserable chics which bring nothing but enjoyment for the people around them!






These shoes are the best to keep your blood flow consistent and they don’t aggravate your feet’s pressure points.

Whenever you go to parties or weddings always prefer platforms or wedges, these or not sharp edged and you will be able to walk in them for pretty long time with a balanced body posture. Even if you want to wear high heels make sure they are comfortable enough to boost your personality in public. However they cannot replace the smoothness of flats and boots.




The orthopedic doctors suggest that we should always give a massage to our feet whenever we take off our heels/shoes, either by any lotion or oil, or if nothing is in reach then a simple hand massage can make you feel better.


Girls get inspiration from the hefty women in movies wearing pencil heels and running after a train to catch, or dancing in high heels as smooth as running water, It’s not that easy! The sharp edgy shoes and high heels with less support to your feet  are one of the major reasons of back and knee problems.




The movies and ramp walks in heels that inspire you have days of practices behind them, they have people who massage their feet after every shoot, the crew let them stay comfortable in everyway, but in realty, it’s not possible for us to pamper ourselves after every other hour. We cannot be Lady gaga or Rihanna who handle everything for their SWAG and publicity.




The shoes they wear for their fame are artistic but not practical!

Think about your body how it will react to what you are wearing and then make your decision while buying. #staychic

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