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Do we need nutritional Supplements?

We all know that “Nutritional Supplements” is a huge industry. There are thousands of scholarly articles in which there are solid facts about food politics and how we are forced to take supplements. Some people call it a mafia while some people call it our basic human need. Let’s see what it actually is…
Contrary to common understanding, there is actually no value in consuming extra vitamins and nutritional supplements above what is necessary for our bodies. Access of these supplements can damage our health.

Why do we need Nutritional Supplements

Theories say most of the compounds needed for our body cells to function, can be made by our cells from other nutrients that we get from food. Sometimes our body loses the ability to make all of them within our body on its own.

What is Happening

As per Dr. Hyman (He has a detailed research on nutritional supplements) In perfect world if we are having an enriched diet we do not need these supplements. However our modern life, poor quality of food supply, stress and high level of toxins in our brain and body most of us need this extra kick of enzymes and supplements to keep our body going as per our natural mechanism.


do we need nutritional supplements

The foods you eat no longer contains the nutrient levels you require for optimal health for many reasons. We are cultivating our crops in the soil which is nutrient deficient. We are treating our plants with pesticides and other chemicals.
Despite of having a stressful life there are few health conditions that will cause deficiency in your body. We at times neglect our body and even small variations in your behavior and daily lifestyle may be an indication of a serious illness.

My Journey

I was a healthy eater. My meals are always full of nutrition but something was not working right for me. I had my thorough checkup and got diagnoses of celiac disease (Gluten Allergy). It was unfortunately a late diagnosis.  As my body was silently struggling with this allergy it made my gut weak. My body was not absorbing vitamin b12 and vitamin D (probably other nutrients as well) that I used to take in my diet.
So I had to take supplements because not taking them was a risk. So I recently started taking few supplements like, vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron and multivitamin based on my prescription. At times I also have to go for probiotics if my gut is not in its happy mood.


do we need nutritional supplements

Don’t act like your Doctor

Before starting with any nutritional supplement its important you need to consult a doctor. You can’t just go and impulsively shop in a vitamin store just because your friend is taking a specific supplement for her skin or body. Access is harmful and fatal at some point.  consultation with a doctor and blood test is important. We all know women tent to lose calcium every month when we are on our period even then we should not go to a drugstore counter and grab a jar of calcium capsules.

do we need nutritional supplements
If you are going through any medical condition it’s important to check which specific nutrient you are deficient at. One has to keep in mind that nutrients are not drugs. They are just an additional fuel for our body providing an added support. Always talk to your doctor before adding a vitamin or mineral supplement to your routine. If you’ve been taking supplements instead of eating fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich foods, it’s time to rethink your strategy.


  1. We do need to pay more attention towards our well being.

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