Fashion things top 10 bloggers in Pakistan do:

It’s a new month on our 2015 calendar, and obviously you’ve got a new outlook. But unfortunately, you don’t have that new wardrobe that you wished for. This post will give you some new ideas that the fashion people in Pakistan do to reintroduce their old outfits, and bring another fresh fashion vibe in their everyday getup.

If we see the fashion activities of the top 10 bloggers in Pakistan we will notice that everyone luxe up their work go-tos and revitalize their dressing routine. Following are few tips that will help you out in carrying your new outlook and will make an impression that you have hired a personal fashion stylist

Forget the Brand Name:

Whatever you wear should be the reflection of your choice, if you will keep on enforcing the brand name, then that might fade up your personality. Do not wait to buy those high end products rather invest your time in creative DIYs and managing your wardrobe.

Add some X to the oldies:

If loose Kurtas, Shirts and long knits were your previous season’s style statements, then use some wide belts, funky chains over them to show some waist and say Hello to a new look.

Change your cotton sleeves with some lace sleeves to bring a summer look to your dress. You can also change the printed dopattas of your 3 piece suits with a single colored bright dopatta. Change the matching shalwar with some cigarette pants or straight trousers. So that the next time you wear that old dress, people won’t get believe that it’s an old one.

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Fashion things top 10 bloggers in Pakistan do

Make the print Pop:

If you got some bold print on your shirt, neutralize it with some basic colored trousers/shalwar/jeans. Plain scarfs and doppatas over floral shirts help you to neutralize the print. Show some bright Lips and Nails to bring that extra control over your outfit.

Fashion things top 10 bloggers in Pakistan do

Pick the right Shoes:

Heels aren’t the only option. People do not want to see you wearing Wedges with a pajama. You need to define the outfit. Shoes always balance the weight of your outfit. You need to choose it wisely.

Fashion things top 10 bloggers in Pakistan do


Comfort First:

With a simple Lawn dress there is no need to wear a lot of makeup or have a strange hair do. Summers are supposed to be light weighted makeup with good accessories. Have fun with textures by bringing in some neon strokes and shiny shots down there in your feet.

Fashion things top 10 bloggers in Pakistan do


Paint It In Pastels:

Everyone knows about the power of colors. Instead of an obvious bold or bright color, try out a combination of pastels. Go for more daring pastel combos, like periwinkle and sherbet orange or spearmint and cream. A bright colored lipstick can bring a fresh look to your pastel pallet.


I hope this article has brought an insight to carry your oldies more creatively. Now dress up like you have hired a Fashion stylist and #staychic

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  1. Great post, liked your you mixed and played with colours Xx

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