The floral Lilly Pulitzer

It’s a common saying that fashion and creativity comes from inside. Even if you go in the profession that you have mistakenly chosen your instinct will take you right there –Where you have to be.

Lilly Pulitzer is one of those iconic examples of creativity.  Lilly Eloped and Peter Pulitzer started with a Juice stand when they were young and had an urge of earning, and who knew that her curtain cloth recycled dress will make her a big fashion designer.  To disguise her juice stains on her clothes she used to wear a floral sleeveless dress made from colorful cotton, and there the Fairy God mother changed Lilly’s fate, she started selling more dresses then juice. People loved her playful and eye catchy colored prints and it turned into a clothing business.

Like every other girl I am always attracted with the floral bright prints, from dress to pens, stationary and notebooks I need everything beautiful and catchy. Lilly Pulitzer made the life of girls like me simpler who are always finding that right print in everything.  Her irresistible prints are not only making the dresses look diverse, but also used in merchandise which is one of the good sources of Lilly Pulitzer’s brand identity. Her brand shot the fame when the First Lady of that time Jacqueline Kennedy who was Lilly’s classmate was photographed in Lilly’s “Classic shift dress”  from there this brand took a shift like Zingo. It became the symbol of highlife that was followed by paparazzi.

Though I will show the detailed work at the end of the article but just a sneak peak of the cool agenda’s this company prints.


And who doesn’t want these warmers and press  cups 😉



Amazing amazing stationary items, girl love to keep them in their bags.


A girl’s ipad should never be without one of these




Lilly Pulitzer notoriously stated, “Life’s a party, dress like it!” and this is depicted in every single design we see of this brand. Lilly Pulitzer is not about dresses it has everything – that means EVERYTHING which a girl needs. Ranging from intricate lace and eyelet detailing to vibrant patterns the designs are famous equally among kids, adults and old women. Even after the death of this iconic designer the team Lilly Pulitzer is taking care of the brand persona and feel.


I love every design that comes under this brand, my desktop cover, my browser theme, my notebook everything is signed by this brand.  Few which jiggle on the top list are

lily_apr_2013         a7241351d83764b247b75c91fef1d04d e03904e500993dc2c4ecc0961eae20b2

the most favorite one is



The amazing gift bags



And one of a kind bed spreads


Inshort a girl can live her whole life carrying Lilly Pulitzer “The God Father of Prints”

May her should R.I.P -XOXO

live with prints #staychic


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