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Gift Ideas for Him

I am pretty proud of myself because I am finally writing a post that is purely dedicated to my opposite gender 😀 Thinking of gift ideas for men is a difficult job. So I thought may be I can help you out with that.

I never write about men may be because I never thought of being an expert (that sounds stupid I know) but after getting married I think I have jumped on this bandwagon 😀

December is our anniversary month and this year it was our first anniversary- That makes it even more special. I was super excited and I wanted it to be a perfect happy day. I bought some amazing and useful gifts for my husband, brought cake, balloons and decorated my house. Did major cleaning which was really important. As a matter of fact I will be making December my major cleaning month as well. It helped me and my house to get ready for 2018.

So coming to the point If you want to give New year, Christmas or any other occasion’s gift to your Husband, father, brother or your boyfriend then you are on the right page.

If you guys are living together then automatically you have an idea of their wants and needs. I kept noticing few things that Faisal wanted and made a list out of it.

I was lucky to have our anniversary in December because there are sales everywhere and I saved a lot of money while buying these things.

Christmas gift Ideas



Following are some gifts that I have bought for  my husband on our FIRST ANNIVERSARY. Lets see if thats helpful  for you as well. 
gift ideas for him

1 Million by Paco Rabanne:

I am not a crazy fragrance lover. Before buying perfumes I always ask for suggestions or I just get glued to the person who is trying to sell me a perfume in the store.

I remember my sister and my brother in law used to rave about this perfume. I knew the bottle as it was quite unique but I never tried it.

Gift ideas for Him

I knew Faisal wanted a specific perfume (that he mentioned me the other day) but when I went to the shop I had to buy 1 Million – I knew it was calling me ;D

This perfume for sure is the safest choice. It is an overwhelmingly luscious and delectable fragrance and I am sure your partner will love it.

Here is the link if you want to buy


Invictus Intense by Paco Rabanne:

OOppppss! I just realized that they both are from the same company 😀

This was the perfume that Faisal wanted to buy. Somehow he missed it which was perfect because then I got him on our anniversary and his reaction was amazing.

Gift Ideas for him


You can buy this perfume online


If you are buying for someone who you want to be a chic magnet then this is a nice option 😀


If you know your man’s size that’s great. If you don’t know it then make a rough guess and buy something of your choice and you can always get it exchanged with the right shoe size.

My Husband lives in Loafers so I had to buy one for him – Just being safe 😀

I got mine from Zara. Though those were not on sale but you can choose from their website. They have plenty of cool shoes on sale, so do have a look.



I love Polo shirts on men. I think it’s a true men’s style staple. It falls between a T shirt and a dress shirt and this makes all the difference.

gift Ideas for him

Right now Ralph Loren, Zara and Lacoste have sales on their Polo shirts and you can definitely check them out.

For the Love of Coffee:

Aside from the daily fuel I have heard coffee is good for skin as well. Men with coffee feels like Handsome++

My husband loves coffee so I had to make one thing to be the center of attention. So I bought him a Nespresso Coffee Machine. Again it was on sale. I did not buy the latest one with a milk frother because it was expensive AS. So I bought a model older than that.

gift ideas for him

This one is a good steal on 50%


Coffee Accessories:

So if you are buying a coffee Machine then get some accessories with it. A coffee cup or a stand for coffee pods. These smaller things will make it a complete package and will look good in your gift basket as well.

If you need help in choosing the flavors then Nespresso helps you as well.

Checkout their website


After getting all these gifts now is the time too show some love while wrapping them up. I have got gift wrapping Ideas that are quite easy. Let me know if you need a tutorial on that.

Do let me know if you have more gift ideas so that we all can add in our list for the next time 🙂


Disclaimer:  The suggestions are based on my own choices. I was not paid or provided with any product by the brands mentioned above. The suggestions are genuine and based on my personal choices.



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  1. warisha

    loved the ideas . great job fariha! very thoughtful gifts. i am married for 4 years now MashAllah and every year gets challenging when picking gifts;)
    Also yes yes yes i would love your wrapping tutorial.
    Also i have a girly request. can you do your perfume collection video ? thanks

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