The Gold Rush:

Want to pour some shine to your outfit? Revamp your closet. Some Golden metallic accessory can add glimmer.

There comes a time in a month when you have to get precisely dressed for a party or wedding. The best way to pull your outfit is to add some metallic. I will highlight few must have items that every girl should have.

  1. Golden Hair accessory:

I hope every other girl is inspired by the Turkish drama MAIRA SULTAN. I loved it for obvious reasons those queens and princesses had stunning designer dresses and gold hair accessories. Even after that drama series I found many brides following that same dressing trend on their weddings.


The Gold Rush


2. A golden wrist watch:

2014 trends say, if nothing then it should be a great impressive watch. Simple clothes, perfect watch and an attractive lipstick. Hollaaaa it’s an amazing combination.


The Gold Rush

3. Fashion Candy Golden Belts:

Wear a gold or silver belt with accessories in the same color “family,” like platinum, stainless steel or white gold. A wider belt on flowy dresses will give more elegance while with jeans and tucked in Shirt you can wear a thin belt.


The Gold Rush

4. Golden Highlights:

Winter is just around the corner, try some gold shades and accessorize your winter look with gold necklaces. Dust gold sweaters with black pants can make a lot of sense all together. You dressing tell a story about you. Try to make it simple and beautiful.


The Gold Rush

5. Golden rings:

One can predict woman’s personality by looking at her rings. So why not make it worthy.


The Gold Rush

6. The Golden Brush:

When we talk about fashion we can never miss out Make up from the list. Golden can be added in several ways. A shimmer on your skin or may be a gold eye shadow or liner? Think about it


The Gold Rush

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