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LA ROCHE-POSAY Sunscreen giving you glow AF

I have the most annoying sensitive skin. With only a tiny sun exposure I get bid red rashes and small bumps. I have always used physical sunscreens because chemical sunscreens are worst for us. It gets embarrassing when you have to apply a sunscreen before going to a mall or for groceries. It gives a complete white layer on my face which looks quite funny. It’s been ages that I was searching for something better and I recently found La Roche Posay tinted BB cream/Suncreen.


Is specially made for sensitive skin. It is paraben free. I have dry to combination skin and it works perfect for me. The formula is quite hydrating and it just glides onto my skin without leaving any white residue. It gives a slide tan and glow to your face which is great if you like to have an effortless yet face.


This comfort cream comes in a 50ml tube with SPF 50+. Which is good for normal outdoor supermarket runs (You can’t go to the beach). It prevents damage to skin from UVA and UVB rays and has a water resistant formula.

This cream has a bit of fragrance but I was shocked to see that it did not irritated my skin.

*I am allergic to products that contain Fragrance*

I apply it all over my face and neck. It’s really smooth and sets really well.

This became my everyday summer sunblock/bb cream. All we need to do is apply 30 minutes before exposure and re-apply frequently and generously every two hours to maintain protection.

If you are looking for a formulation that won’t leave a white layer on your face and wont clog your pores then try it and I am waiting for your feedback J

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