How to Love the body you have


“Skinny isn’t the only pretty”

That’s something I often recall,  I just don’t remember when we all started hating our bodies. Pakistan was not the place where girls were conscious about the shape they had. Irony! The media and social pressures we face made us a typical conscious struggling woman.” Struggling” I said because we are running after every other thing that can bring a bit RAD effect in our personality. Not so cool! This marathon will go for our whole lives but we can never get the inner peace.


How to Love the body you have


Solution is pretty simple. Have you ever heard of a Punjabi phrase “Jithai di khoti Uttey aan Khaloti”. This is what is happening with Pakistani Girls. When we were babies our parents used to oil our hair, sooth our eyes with surma, they used to give us fresh healthy diet which was totally opposite to what the BRAND is telling us to do. When we grew up we started listening to the BRANDS: Amazing hair treatments, Supplements for body, Calcium and potassium, packed food, stored tins which made the salads way easier to make and a lot of such things. These all things resulted in abnormal body behavior i.e. Facial hair growth, abnormal body fat, inner body infections and a lot more. This came all because we left hearing our elders. We forgot to follow the things our elder gave.

Have you ever thought why all the teens hate Abercrombie and Fetch?  Because they measure the beauty on the size a person is wearing. Now people in the west have started campaigns for organic food and organic living. They now stand against the size Zero and anorexia, but nothing can suppress the power of these game changers. Who redefined the beauty of a women with thin waste and no figure and dragged them all the way on the ramp sagged in expensive dresses.


How to Love the body you have

Is this what we are starving for? We have to love what we got. Marilyn was nothing but a size 14. Who can forget Madam Noor Jahan and her family? They all have a body mass that carries beauty and they stand for it. After experiencing everything our Morning shows and other health programs and dragging us to get back to natural thing what we used to have. Our bodies are made of the food our Mother used to have and it wasn’t Hershey’s Syrup or Nutella, It was whole cream, honey and cheese.

Eating is not bad but what you eat defines you. Make sure that you make a better definition of it. Do not emphasis on your specific body parts; see yourself as a whole personality. Following are few tips to be confident about your body.

  • Wear colors that you love, wear them in a style that eases your shape.
  • Do basic morning stretches and try to do yoga
  • Drink a lot of water and live to smile.
  • Be positive to get the negative feedback, never undervalue your personality.

How to Love the body you have

  • Do not give people more than a second who delight in making you feel fat, ugly or unworthy
  • Buy clothes and under-wear that fits you and allows you to feel comfortable, pulled together and happy. Stop worrying about the size on the label.
  • Stay easy, and on the rough days compensate it with good make up and accessories.
  • Build a strong personality and love the way you are.
  • Build your goals in life and work for it, So that people get impressed by your achievements not the size you wear
  • Get Style Assistance you should know what complements you. (Email Us for help and support)
  • Be positive while following the fashion trends if it does not suits you , there are a lot more options.
  • Do not sit around with your friends, family and loved ones and bitch about your bodies as a form of social interaction.




How to Love the body you have







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