What is missing in your skin and Hair Routine?

I know this topic is quite mainstream. On different blogs, in different magazines we all read a lot about some basic tips that help nourishing our hair and skin. People tell us about the new hair trends and some new formulas in the market that can help us making our hair look pretty and skin more glowy.

This Blog is not the typical piece of information. Its a lot more than that. I am jotting down few tips in fact some always ignored steps that you need to follow to stay hygienic and keep your hair and skin healthy.

  • If you keep your hair tied all day or you use pins or something to hold them then while washing your hair wash them as well. If your hair got dirty so are they.
  • How often do you wash your Hair brush or comb?
  • Imagine! You oiled your hair and used your comb, or you gave your comb to your friend who might have some hair or skin issues. Aren’t you carrying a lot of diseases in your comb?
  • Whenever you wash your hair, always, always wash your brush/comb as well. Obviously you don’t want a dirty brush going in your neat and sorted hair again.
  • Pillow covers are something that we always ignore. You used your pillow cover the previous day when you did not wash your hair, and you have that same pillow today with a pretty washed head. Quite unfair! Change your pillows and bed sheets after your hair wash or bath.
  • If you are keeping your cheeks on a dirty pillow that has your hair oils, you will definitely going to get acne or itchy cheek.
  • If you have an itchy scalp/dandruff, and you keep on itching it, than that’s a warning for you to have sensitive cheeks (means reddish area, having acne or small pimples and a lot of itching as a bonus).
  • Never ever use someone else’s brush or hair comb, in worst situations always use your fingers or pencil to untangle your hair.
  • Always keep your Hair brushes or combs clean, I always keep an old toothbrush to wash my hair brushes, hair catchers, hair bands, pony or other hair accessories.

I hope these tips have actually taken your attention towards the neglected parts of your Hair or Skin routine. If you want to add more to this article please comment below. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook an Twitter <3


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