My Desi Wedding Planner

Raise your hand (Or hit a like button) if you are crazy stationery lover like me 😀

Well I am the sort of a girl who jumps into the bookstores, not to buy new novels or interesting encyclopedia but to buy all sort of stationery which I find cute and somewhat organizational.

I love to decorate my planners and notebooks, feel crazy and productive while making to-do lists and keeping a track of my projects.

Oh yeaaa I draw some doodles as well :p

For me cutest stationery items and a chic planner is a lot of motivation to do work efficiently.

FYI I am about to get married at the end of this year and I have been looking for a good and practical planner from so long to organize my thoughts for the wedding day. I searched a lot for them online but never found the ones that goes perfectly with our desi weddings.

On one lucky day I came across a very interesting video on Facebook –

Voilllaaah !!!!  I found what I was looking for for so long.

My Wedding Planner

A perfect desi wedding planner “The wedding plan it”

My Desi Wedding Planner

Such a desi Beauty this planner is. It includes all the important things that you need to keep a check on- while planning your big fat wedding.

My Desi Wedding Planner

I loved the use of bold colors, and every section is well thought out: I can make my budget details, the songs I need to have on my wedding day and for the reference it has section in which we can write about the things that me and my better half love. There is also a section for our important dates to remember (Incase you forget your engagement date) and a lot more….

My Desi Wedding Planner


I paid PKR 2000 for this beauty, which some people think is a lot of money for this small diary. Hey folks you just need to see how beautifully it’s made. Adding to that I also wanted to support these young creative minds…. 😀


My Desi Wedding Planner


My Desi Wedding Planner

My Desi Wedding Planner

My Desi Wedding Planner


If you are a bride to be or there might be a possibility that one of your crazy clumsy lazy friend is getting married then this can be a perfect gift for her.

Just visit there page and order your copy by clicking down to there  FACEBOOKPAGE

I have also made a video for my youtube channel. Linking it down below <3

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My Desi Wedding Planner

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