Nail Art, Choosing to be Different!

In older days a girl was considered up-to-the-minute with her single coated nail polish and some shiny stuff on her face (Yes, she is done). But now fashion has gone quite far with a lot of creativity and versatility. Ladies work hard to decorate themselves in festive themes. They work hard to compliment the attire they are carrying.

There was a time when a single running coat was enough to say “my nails are done!” but it seems so mainstream now.


Fashion has changed every simple style into enthrallment! Same goes for NAIL ART, which is considered as a new way to creatively decorate your nails. Nail art is now a part of aristocracy and determined social status. Amazingly done  nails got so much popularity that a documentary  NAILgasm, was released to explore the growing trend of nail art from subculture to high fashion. In January 2014, “Nailpolis: Museum of Nail Art” was founded for nail artists and hobbyists to share their designs online.

Nail art is happily endorsed by celebrities and on the internet the devotees exchange DIY  tips and post inspirational photos on blogs like “Fuck Yeah Nail Art.” on tumbler.

Personally I cannot do that hard work on my nails, to follow the trend I like this Accent nail Formula which is good enough to make your nails adorable. I love pastel colors and at times Neons are good to go with.


Nail Art, Choosing to be Different

Colored nails are the hottest accessory for a woman in any season, with any style, a lipstick and painted nails can make any day better and a lot happier. Whenever you are under confident because of your grown cuticles or broken shape just paint them nicely! Surprise surprise – You will feel much better.

Running all the way through nail art blogs and tutorials I have found few incredibly done nail art. So, I just thought to share them with you.


Nail Art, Choosing to be Different


Nail Art, Choosing to be Different


Nail Art, Choosing to be Different

Inspiration: floral prints and geometrical shapes.


Nail Art, Choosing to be Different

That’s little ombre sort! Gradient is always chic, just try it and you will get a lot of appreciation from your  friends


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