The New Generation Gyming

Did you know that you are 50-70% more likely to work out if you have your fitness clothes on. thats what i am going to talk about in “The New Generation Gyming”

The possibility of a girl going to gym these days is directly related to how much cool stuff she got for her gym. Her cool water bottle themed gym tank top, hooded jackets, branded trainers and matching headphones will motivate her to get ready take few selfies and workout. In a way these gym fashions are helping women to get in shape and look sexy.

I had a survey earlier and got to know that 75% of women get gym inspiration through fitness blogs, gym clothes on Pinterest or brand pages like Adidas, Nike and who can forget sexy Sharapova having her amazing photoshoots in gym clothes. Who would like to run on treadmill with boring Tee if your mate is having a sexy color combination from head to toe?

In old times women used to wear big yoga trousers with loose Tees to stay comfortable while doing exercise, but with the revival of fashion, with amazing new gym clothes hair and makeup artists gave easy tips to look rough and beautiful in the same time while your every pour is crying with sweat. Now I feel that gym clothes actually define your personality. A Deva can be found in Gym that’s what where the Fashion is taking us!

I have seen several blogs and boards on Pinterest that motivated me to make my own board of favorite gym clothes. I have taken out few best themed gym fashions, that will motivate you to go gym as well 😉


This yellow grey combination is just perfect, grey black makes it a lot sober meanwhile this yellow shows the beast side of a workout body.


This above picture is a helping guide from your Hair till the toe, the watch and bag that will suit this outfit. This is a complete package for a hello kitty girl that is converting into her Victoria’s Secret version. #PinkFad


One of my Favorites 🙂



Well Written Tank Tops


#Brand brand everywhere


Apart from these clothes and

accessories never forget gym towel, sanitizer ,face wipes and deodorant. I hope this article  motivated you enough to buy your gym clothes and start burning out that fat. #staychic

For more inspiration visit my pinterest Board “Gym Motivation”

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