Oil pulling Fad or Fab?


From months “Oil Pulling” has become a frequently discussed, searched and a talked about issue. Some people are treating it as their golden key of health and beauty and some are actually taking it as a Vigor topic or a step towards fame of being Fit and healthy and money making strategy.

Like every other girl I was also finding the authenticity of this news and if thats Oil Pulling is beneficial then how to use it and what will be its benefits.

I came across a lot of articles, the deep ancient roots of this practice and why it’s beneficial. It has so many benefits that I actually wanted everyone to know about it.

Our lives are busy in so called “achieving our Goals” that we are neglecting our health and the beauty which our creator gifted us. Getting up early, doing our morning routines running to work, eating junk or nothing, coming back, having a boring dinner and a donkey sleep. This is the life of a Human Being in this tech world.

We never think at once about the bacteria’s multiplying in our body, the inflammation taking place in our abdomen, why our nails are getting dry and yellow, why eyes are getting darker or skin is getting patched. Just sit for once and think about YOURSELF.

I have seen and learned that Oil Pulling has a solution “which is slow” but effective to bring your health and beauty back to us & It’s very simple. If its not giving you anything better then even its not taking anything away.

Try it for once. Take a tablespoon of any vegetable oil (sesame Oil or Sunflower Oil preferred) and swish it around your mouth for like 15 minutes. Yes 15 minutes (telling you it’s not that easy because it tastes Awful) and spit it out. Probably you will not see any miracle happening after rinsing your mouth.

But that’s just one day, try it for few days and you will see your gums getting Pinky and an odorless breathe.  How it effects?

It is a home remedy used by Old Indians to stay active and healthy. A Dentist Dr. Gregg Lituchy defines this practice in a very logical way. “We have bacterial plaque that sits in our mouth,” he says. “Those bacteria produce fat-soluble toxins that sit on our teeth—when you swish sesame or sunflower oil in your mouth for 15 minutes, it reduces inflammation in your mouth by combining with these bacteria and removing them when you spit it out.” Then, by reducing and absorbing the bacterial plaque into the oil, it makes your gums healthier and pinker, reduces inflammation, gives you better breath, and makes your teeth look whiter. #sexierlook with a better laugh just like Mila Kunis 😉


Lituchy explains that it’s rooted in the theory that the health of your mouth is directly related to the health of the rest of your body. “Think about it this way,” he says. “Bacteria can enter the little capillaries in your mouth and travel in those blood vessels to other parts of the body; therefore, many doctors and dentists believe that inflammation in the mouth can lead to inflammatory issues in the rest of your body, like diabetes and plaque of the arteries. If you think along those terms, then the belief that oil pulling can benefit your overall health is definitely a possibility.” So that shows how every system of our body is connected, and one good change can bring a lot of positivity in your Behavior and Appearance.


After practicing this for months you will see a decrease in weight, healthier skin and hair and obviously a brighter Smile.#staychic

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