The Body Shop Oils of Life

Oils of life and saving this Planet:

Hey everyone, as you might have guessed it already from the title that I am going to talk about Oils and how on earth people are using them in their skincare regime.  I am among those who never get impressed by any product unless it has some logical reasoning and practicality associated to it.

I have seen my friends and other fellows wasting their money by running after the most raved beauty products over the internet. But it never brought the same results for them.

The feeling of having an oily layer on my face always gave me a scary feeling. With the greasy and sticky sensation I was never convinced to use them. I had a dry skin since childhood, but thanks to Hormonal changes that we all get, now I am a girl with a difficult combination skin. Above that being sporty made my skin a lot sensitive and that ended up giving me rosacea.
I recently visited the body shop, and was introduced to their new range OILS OF LIFE. My fright was there deep inside me, so I was little reluctant to try. While I was checking them out, the lady asked me to try it, she somehow managed to put it on my hand and convinced me to try it for once, and WAIT!!! it was not sticky greasy at all and the smell was divine.

The Body Shop Oils of Life

The Body Shop Oils of Life

As I went into the details of the products,  I got to know that they are made from cold pressed seed oils from the most amazing place of the world. They got Cumin seed oil from Egypt (no wonder Egyptian women are the prettiest). Well who can forget the beauty of Cleopatra. They got Camellia seed oil from china (they have a lively healthy looking skin) and rose hip seed oil from Chile (FYI- The award-winning beauty product 2015 had rosehip seed oil in it.)

The Body Shop Oils of Life

For all those who are scared of oils like me, I want to tell you that no matter what skin type you have, Oils are your best friend. You just need to take care of the type of oil and the amount of it that you wish to use.

This exclusive range brings a whole revitalising skin regime.You apply lotion first which is a revitalizing lotion (that is water based and looks like a normal liquid). After that you apply the miraculous face oil and massage a bit.

Like this following Video.


And then your skin is ready to have a gel cream over it. Massage gives you a clearer skin with an amazing fresh feeling. These oils, their fragrance help you to relax and believe me you will love every bit of your face.

Disclaimer: Do consult your dermatologist first if you have some serious skin issues.

I would suggest everyone to give these oils a try they are light in consistency and got some super powers.

I am linking down some video details that I filmed for you. Do not forget to subscribe #Staychic



And If by any chance this all still did not impress you then here comes the Amazing part. For every product that you buy from this range you are actually giving the body shop an opportunity to plant a seed.


So you aren’t helping yourself to become prettier rather you are helping our planet to regain its beauty as well.  Isn’t that cool?

Let’s spread this word and make this earth a better place to live. :)


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