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Pakistan to Australia – Things you need to know

Hello everyone. Today I am referring to all those who are coming from Pakistan to start a new chapter in Australia. I just wish that you land on this post before you land down under.
Lets go through everything you need to know and *you can thank me later*

1. Choose your City

Before coming to Australia you must know everything about your city that you are landing in. Obviously you are coming here to live so you need to choose your location wisely. If you already have a job or if you are already enrolled in a course then obviously you know where you will settle in but if not then choose a location that has more job opportunities, better tourist spots, is multi-cultural and has ease of access.
In case of uncertainty you can always consult the people already living here over social media forums to see what interests you and choose it accordingly.

Pakistan to Australia – Things you need to know

2. Basic Knowledge is the key

Weather, suburbs, tourist spots, religious centers, distance between different places.
After choosing your city checkout the weather and pack accordingly. Australia is a HOT place and you have to learn how to enjoy its heat. Weather here is opposite to the rest of the world. When everyone enjoys summer, we have winters and vise versa. Try absorbing these things – the sooner the better.
If you are a religious person then find out your religious centers and its preferable to live in the suburbs near them for a better community.
Find out the tourist spots and try to list down the places near your city to visit. Travelling and discovering different places make it easy to learn about the Aussie culture.

Pakistan to Australia – Things you need to know

3. Accommodation:

Unless you’ve managed to buy a house in Australia before you move over here or you are planning to stay with relatives in Australia, it is most likely your first home will be a rented house or apartment. You can visit real estate Australia’s website and get information. This can only happen once you reach here. Till that time you can always book a motel or Airbnb for a week or two till you get your accommodation sorted.

4. Communication and Transportation:

Aussies are friendly and extremely social people. “Hi, how are you?” or “Gooday Mate” are the standard ways to start the conversation. And believe me they love it . So if you need help you can probably ask anyone and they will figure out something for you.
For mobility you need to have a car if you are planning to travel to different destinations because of the beautiful scenic views. Keeping in mind to keep your car to the left, as Australians love to keep it left on the roads.
If you own a car then you need to know the rules first. Before putting your hands on the steering you need to check your license validity else you might get a bad day with the Australian police : D
Within the city you can use buses, trains and trams. They have an efficient transportation system and its digital. You just download and it will update you on the routes.
People prefer the public transportation over cabs and uber as they are cheaper and they go almost everywhere – So save your money because shopping is expensive here : D

5. Halal options, food chains & restaurants:

If you are a halal or kosher meat consumer then there are a lot of options in Australia. You will find halal butchers in every city. Big fast food chains and most of the restaurants have halal and kosher meat available. All you need to ask is their certification.
I was shocked to know that Marriot had halal chicken, mutton and beef, which can make a perfect option for fine dining on your special occasions.
Australia has big retail stores like Woolworths, Coles and Aldi where you can find affordable groceries and kitchen essentials. There is a Woolworth’s branch in Sydney that sells halal meat. Lilydale is a brand that you will find in Coles is halal. So on days when you can’t visit a halal butcher you can go to these places and find your options.
While doing groceries you will see the ingredient list at the back of the packaging. If you want to see that a particular product is halal check its emulsifiers if it has emulsifier which is from 471 to 476 then they aren’t halal. If that says soy or vegetarian in the bracket that means they are safe to use as they are not taken from animal fat.


Pakistan to Australia – Things you need to know

In every city there are Asian/Indian stores. You can find a mini Pakistan inside there. So If you are missing chaat masala or daahi barai visit any such store asap.
There are a lot of Indian, Turkish and Lebanese restaurants throughout Australia that are halal or vegetarian. If you are going to normal Australian restaurants then you can always go for vegetarian or vegan options which are safe to have.

6. Allergens:

It’s a rule in Australia that every food product has allergens written on them. So if you are allergic to gluten, nuts, milk or soy you can always check theSE allergens written at the back of the packaging.
If you have any sort of allergies then you are safe here. You will find food free from contamination. There are proper sections in most of the grocery stores where you will find healthy, organic food.
Similarly Its good to use free range milk, eggs, mayonnaise etc. If it says “FREE RANGE” that means livestock is kept in natural conditions and you will not consume harmful chemicals and genetic engineered food.

If you need more information you can visit

7. Medical

Medicare is Australia’s universal healthcare system. If you are a citizen or a permanent resident you need to get yourself registered asap. It subsides most medical costs in Australia. If you are not a permanent resident then you can always check other health insurance options. Medical is really expensive here so you need to have something for yourself and your family.

8. Education

For all the citizens and permanent residents state schools and medicare is free. Every suburb has a state school so it’s easy to send your child for education without any extra expenditure. If you are on a PR then you can also avail free diplomas and courses offered by the government.

9. Home Accessories

For home furniture and essentials it’s good to start with Kmart, target and Ikea. These stores are affordable and have everything that you need to have in your house. If you are happy to get the pre loved stuff then visit GUM TREE. This is a website just like our desi OLX and you will find everything you need.

10. Places to visit in Australia

You cannot find such beautiful flora and fauna anywhere else in the world. Here we have amazing animals and birds that you have never seen before. Visit koala sanctuary, watch crocodile feeding, cuddle a koala, feed a kangaroo, and enjoy beautiful Australian birds but stay away from seagulls. You can’t eat anything around them without being swooped.
Australia is known for beautiful beaches and parks. You will find the world’s oldest trees in this region. Visit museums and festivals where you will get to know about aboriginal culture.

pakistan to australia

11. Visa for New Zealand

Book your tickets for New Zealand right now because you don’t need a visa if you are permanent resident or a citizen – woohhoooo

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