Pakistani Brands Face off


Yes we are living in a country where fashion goes the opposite way. We somewhat follow the half cooked fashion trends. The basic fashion desi blend is here, almost everyone wear ankle length tights unlike the rest of the world. Wearing footless tights are such a common trend that now the most sophisticated dress is paired with some casual comfortable pair of tights, we just do not care if it complements the dress or not.

Recently I had an experience of buying tights while doing my spring- summer shopping. I was lucky to find a Sale on beech tree, from where I bought 2 tights. One was in black and the other one was in brown. Apparently I thought they are nice and good for my everyday wear, so wanted to try them.

With some 50% off the tights were 600 PKR then. So I was happy with the deal of buying 2 in the price of one *women and sales I hope you understand*.

As I was shopping at Centaurus so just came across khaadi, from where I saw the tights and thought to buy the rest of the colors from my basic summer palette. So I bought a beige and a white one which was 750 PKR each.

Tights from khaadi and beech tree

Tights from khaadi and beech tree

Now here comes the assessment, beech tree’s material was soft but when I wore it for the first time I felt my legs couldn’t breathe. Gradually by using it the material got little itchy and the wash helped pilling. It stretches less which made it thin from my knees area.

Pakistani brands faceoff

Tights from beech tree

Khaadi however brought some better results. One thing I would like to swear by is its friendly material. Your legs can breathe and you can easily move around, sit and stand. I washed it thrice and results are far better than the ones from Beech Tree’s tights.

I would suggest you to keep these 3 basic rules while buying, pants, trousers and tights or T shirts. The material should be super stretchable. It should not be see-through and it should make your length breathe.

Pakistani brands faceoff

Khaadi vs beech tree

So yes after wasting some money I got to know about the tips to choose my clothes, so probably the next time I will go shopping I will be a bit clever for the brands 😀

Hope you have learned this too by going through my experience, #staychic

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