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Quick and Easy Hummus Recipe

By now you should know that Hummus is an amazing infact the best source of protein and iron. This dish is a proof that some of the best tasting things in life are the simplest to make and requires no cooking. I have been listening about hummus nutritional values for as long as I can remember, and finally this all made me to try it.

For all the bride to be’s this is a must have recipe that you need to note down in your recipe book 🙂

I was shocked to see how easy and quick it was.  Even Without adding preservatives you can have it for quite few days.  (Made your cooking job even more easier)

So I am here to share the recipe that I followed – let start with it 😀

So first of all you need to have the following ingredients in your kitchen. It’s always wise to keep the ingredients beforehand, as running for them at the last minute is not an impressive option.


Olive Oil – 3 to 4 tablespoons and for the final drizzle

Garlic – 5-6 cloves

Chickpeas – 1 can or 1 cup fully boiled

Sesame Seeds for tahini – 1 cup

Cumin powder – Half tablespoon

Water – 1/4th cup

Olives – for the garnish

Slat – Half teaspoon

Lemon Juice – 2 medium sized

Paprika (optional)


First step is to make Tahini. Hummus can be made with or without tahini. But I would suggest you to use it, as Tahini is a popular staple in Middle Eastern & Greek cooking. This shows that  it must be a delicious and healthy food. Tahini is not only used in hummus but you can use it as your salad or tortilla dip too, and who doesn’t like the taste of roasted sesame seeds.


Take one cup sesame seeds, and roast them in a nonstick pan over a very low flame.  Be careful as sesame seeds burn really easily. The moment you get them light golden brown. Take them off the flame on a butter paper and let them cool.

Now Blend sesame seeds in a blender and keep on adding olive oil, depending upon the consistency that you want to have for the tahini paste. Make sure that your tahini makes a good paste that should not be too thick or too gooey. Keep it in an airtight container if you want to store it for further use.





After making tahini paste. Put it aside and add chickpeas to a clean food processor. Blend it to make a paste of the chickpeas. Now add the tahini, crushed garlic, salt, lemon juice.Keep on adding little bit of water that will help the chickpeas to form a paste. Now add tahini into it and add little bit of salt and cumin powder.




Keep on blending until the mixture is fully combined. Dish it out and drizzle some olive oil over it. Sprinkle little bit of paprika powder and olives.


my hummus

You can serve it with pita bread or pita chips. Sometimes I also like to have it as a dip for my pickled cucumbers and other salads.

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