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My Nail Spa Experience – Eid Special

Ever asked a genie to fulfill your wish of getting everything under one roof?  By Everything I mean every freaking thing that a girl needs. Makeup, jewelry, clothes, spa treatments, pampering sessions and luxury items 😀

Now you don’t need a genie for that. Today I gotta tell you about an amazing fashion store, one stop shop for branded makeup and a perfect rejuvenating spa … this isn’t a three wishes joke anymore.


Shades Islamabad

is bringing a cocktail of different Lifestyle related things that a girl needs to primp up. Well-structured 4 floors including a section for lingerie, clothes, cosmetics and a complete floor designated to a nail spa, an ideal retreat for a relaxing pamper break.

I found this place while looking for imported nail colors and some nail accessories, but if you get a chance to visit that place you will experience a huge range of Nail color brands, Beauty related stuff and an opportunity to satisfy your inner fashion diva. Shades has a strong decorative style with modern interior with a pop of color which is also one of the reason that brings you back after your first experience. So let me take you through my experience at Shades.


The first thing that catches your eye when you enter this place is a wide range of nail polishes. If I am saying wide that means I am literally talking about hundreds or few thousands (If I am not wrong) of different colors. Just open your Pantone Color finder, randomly choose a color and I swear it’s going to be there on the shelf at shades.

nail polish brands

They have a separate section for other beauty products. Including foundations, lipsticks and eye shades etc.

makeup collection

In the basement they have a separate subdivision for their own lingerie brand, where you can find all the type of bikinis, nickers, night wear, sportswear and a lot more. The staff is so helpful and they help you buy exactly what you are looking for.


Even if you are clueless about your body type they figure it out help you find an option that deals with all your insecurities and body issues.

Beach wear

beach wear

If you follow the stairs upwards then we have a huge opportunity for a fashion therapy. This floor has got amazing dresses, trousers, scarfs and accessories. On a rough day when you have nothing to wear on a party and your wardrobe is a complete mess, head out to Shades and this floor has got an answer to your every problem.

makeup bags and vallets

Clutches, satchels, envelops and makeup bags

fashionable sun glasses


Boho jewelry

chains and pendent

Necklaces and Pendants

cool scarfs



Wooppp!!! See I created a complete outfit for you guys. This yellow anchor scarf, Boho chopped sleeved stop, round hoop sunglasses, necklace, Envelop clutch and printed geometric pants.

fashionable outfit



vacations outfit ideas

After the fashion subdivision we go upstairs for the best experience 😀

Shades Nail Spa

It was so relaxing that I grabbed the service card and decided to get Shades Spa manicure and pedicure.

nail spa experience

Nail spa

best spa

best spa

shades nail spa

shades nail spa

shades nail spa

shades nail spa

shades nail spa

Daylight pours through the windows making the spa feel spacious.

shades nail spa

shades nail spa

The approach is to make clients feel relaxed, peaceful and never-rushed. The space is modern, they have invested in amazing lights and interior. If you are expecting to find an intimate spa experience, gorgeous treatments and perfect customer service Shades is the place.

my spa experience

opi nail polish

One session takes good 30-40 minutes. Every step is done with great care. The tools used are completely sterilized and hygiene is their main focus.

It took me around 2 hours and 30 minutes to get done with my spa manicure and pedicure. The Nail colors that I opted were Koko in beige on my feet and Rimmel Lilac Pastels on my hands

shades nail spa

shades nail spa

shades nail spa

shades nail spa

shades nail spa

shades nail spa

shades nail spa

My therapist gave me an amazing foot massage that took away my fatigue.Now my feet are all ready to look pretty on Eid- ul – Fitar #HAPPYFEET

I would definitely recommend working women, Ladies who are expecting and the house wives to try the nail spa, and girls who have never been satisfied by the amount of nail polishes and lipsticks you own, this is your heaven.

I can imagine Shades would be a lovely place to escape to for a weekend to enjoy beauty indulgence and maybe squeeze in some retail therapy along with the pampering!

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#Staychic #StayHappy


  1. ooh I love the nail colour you went for! The place looks so lovely and relaxing!

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