Socks and Beyond

Are you crazy about buying cute socks while doing your winter shopping? than you are like me. 😀

I always have ice cold feet in winters, just do not know the reason.  So wearing socks is always important. I usually buy knee long socks as it’s always wise to keep your feet warm to maintain your body temperature.As the new season’s #fashion brings alot of new trends, Socks these days are also consciously added into the list of things to be taken care of while getting ready in winters. If they does not match your outfit, than probably you are the odd one out.

Here are few cutest ones that I bought this winter.

I like these argyle designs a lot but this season I only found 2 of these. So far I have found these amazing ones hope to get more in the next winter haul <3

Cute socks

Socks and beyond


If you are also in love with the pretty ones share the pictures in the comment bar below and show me what you have got. Happy winters













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