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Shades Nail Spa

My Nail Spa Experience – Eid Special

Ever asked a genie to fulfill your wish of getting everything under one roof?  By Everything I mean every freaking thing that a girl needs. Makeup, jewelry, clothes, spa treatments, pampering sessions and luxury items 😀 Read more…

The Body Shop Oils of Life

Oils of life and saving this Planet:

Hey everyone, as you might have guessed it already from the title that I am going to talk about Oils and how on earth people are using them in their skincare regime.  I am among those who never get impressed by any product unless it has some logical reasoning and practicality associated to it.

I have seen my friends and other fellows wasting their money by running after the most raved beauty products over the internet. But it never brought the same results for them. Read more…

My june Favourites 2015

Hey Everyone I hope you are doing great :).  June was quite a busy one for me. Read more…

by B

The not so mainstream Summer Dress

I am here with another amazing summer outfit. As the trends are – pastels are something that has to be in your summer dress. But here I am breaking the rules 😀 Read more…

Fashion day out in Islamabad at L'atelier

Fashion Day Out at L’atelier Islamabad

Hey Ladies! Hope you are doing well. On my Instagram I recently posted some pictures from a fashion day out held at L’atelier in Islamabad. Read more…

Fashion things top 10 bloggers in Pakistan do:

It’s a new month on our 2015 calendar, and obviously you’ve got a new outlook. But unfortunately, you don’t have that new wardrobe that you wished for. This post will give you some new ideas that the fashion people in Pakistan do to reintroduce their old outfits, and bring another fresh fashion vibe in their everyday getup. Read more…

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