Tariq Amin Salon – Hitting it right

A small place having adventurous and impressive people that’s the kind of city Islamabad is. In our City we have quite a few places to unwind and for me Salons are one of them. Over the weekends, Salons are one of the busiest places to be visited.

Tariq Amin the Man who started the trend of well-appointed salon services in Islamabad has recently joined the bandwagon of commercializing his professional space, bringing his exclusive services for everyone.

I recently went to the Launch of their new Salon space. FYI it’s now shifted to Beverly center blue area Islamabad. I like it more than the previous one as it’s easily reachable and not that far from my home too 😀

If you ever ask someone from where to get a haircut or hair color, then the answer is most of the time Tariq Amin.  They aren’t just magical with hair but they have got the team of amazing makeup artists and stylists and I just can’t forget the amazing staff and their friendliness.

The moment you enter the Salon the walls are full of Glamorous magazines cutouts, all black and white interior with a lot of fresh Plants that adds a vivid green for the eyes. Mentioning that the lights on the mirrors in front of the service seats are worth taking a selfie 😀


Lets Go Inside

Tariq Amin Salon Islamabad Launch


Tariq Amin Salon Islamabad Launch

The Team

Tariq Amin Salon Islamabad Launch

Team Tariq Amin showing the Girl power 😀

Tariq Amin Salon Islamabad Launch

Saba Shah is one of the senior most talented Makeup artist at the Salon. Saba’s passion is not only Makeup but she tends to give clients an up-close-and-personal look.

These are some of her Makeup looks that I love

Tariq Amin Salon Islamabad Launch

Makeup by Saba Shah


Tariq Amin Salon - Hitting it right

Saba Shah


Tariq Amin Salon Islamabad Launch


If you were on the hunt of getting the best makeup artist in the town, she is the one.

And if you are worried about your hair like me, then this Salon has got a solution for that too. After meeting Tahira I got to know that logical Hair stylist do exist in Pakistan.

Tariq Amin Salon Islamabad Launch

On the day of my hair appointment I told her all my hair related insecurities. She gave me good 40 to 50 minutes and I actually got exactly what I wanted. An elegant lob that still is bringing a lot of amazing compliments 😀

Tariq Amin Salon Islamabad Launch

I will suggest you to stop fooling around and get the best people in town  to cut your hair and makeover. #Staychic


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