The Spring Tales 2015

The Spring Tales 2015

Behold my Ladies, the spring has come,

Scientifically it is proven that spring is the most delightful season, it brings color, hopes, motivation and Life. Our Earth’s axis is angled between its closest and furthest position from the sun that makes every day quite pleasant and happening. Just to give a warm welcome to spring of 2015 I have launched my spring collection Volume one. I am not that big designer who can bring a wide range distributed all over Pakistan, but whatever I do I am happy about it.

My collection is named as The Spring Tales soda-pop 2015. If you love spring season and colors give your life and strength then this collection is for you. Every dress has that energy to change a bad day into a good one. 😀

Laced dresses with some highlighting colors. Perfect black dress that tells its story and some deep mint passion.

You can have a look on these dresses by clicking on the following link.

However my favorites are my turquoise deep mint passion and jiji collection in black.

the spring tales 2015

Deep mint passion


the spring tales 2015

Jiji’s Special


I kept styling the main focus in this collection. Whatever you select from this volume, you will find helping guidelines to get styled with that particular outfit. If you love being comfortable in a formal gathering than my Rose Garden (Soft lace cloth with embroidery) is the one.

the spring tales 2015

Rose Garden (Soft lace cloth with embroidery)


But we do have the dresses for the girls night out 😀

the spring tales 2015

Neon Burst (Yellow)

If you like my collection and want to know more about it please comment below and follow us on twitter and Facebook <3

#staychic 🙂



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