Tips for a Chic Closet:

Is your closet overloaded with a lot of crap? or You just open the closet’s door and it’s overcrowded that you can’t find your yellow jumper? Probably this is the time to clean it and make it more organized. You closet should not be the place that you are scared of,  it should be something that makes you happy and a lot motivated to dress up nicely 😀

Following are few amazing tips for your clean sweep day ;D

So your closet probably contains some daily wear dresses, jeans, shirts, kameez shalwars, skirts, bags, shoes, socks, mufflers & Jackets (If it’s cold), your undergarments and some jewelry(probably). First thing is bring out all these things out of your closet, and put them separately according to their category.

  • Donate Some – There must be a lot of things that you are not using and it’s been quite along time, or if they does not fit, it’s a time to donate. Probably someone is in need and your things can utilize them in a better way
  • After keeping aside the clothes and accessories that you are donating now it comes to organize the rest of the stuff back in the closet
  • For hanging the clothes following are the type of hangers you must use

Hangers for the right type of clothes

  • Keep your most worn clothes in your closet’s prime location
  • Put the scarves on the Tie racks or hang them on the hangers tying a knot.

Organize your scarfs

  • Hang as many items as you can. Jackets can be hanged over the matching dresses.
  • Hang the jeans in the hangers and organize your hanging area of the closet according to the colors from darker shades to lighter ones
  • Fold heavy clothes, especially sweaters and loose knits that may lose their shape on a hanger.
  • Organize your folded clothes in way that makes it easier for you to see and manage them
  • The universal rule

Organize your closet

  • Add hooks and baskets to your closets for clothes, hats and belts

Tips for a Chic Closet

  • For shoes keep these sort of baskets that can save alot of shoes space

Tips for a CHIC closet

  • Use old shoe boxes as drawer organizers.

Tips for a chic closet

  • Use Hair Elastic as Tights Bundler

Tips for a chic closet

  • Give your shoes a perfect fit, put Cotton Balls or old papers to keep your shoes in shape





Tips for a chic closet

  • Always keep your Big Handbags in a cotton bag, dust cover or a plastic bag. Either you are hanging them or keeping them on a shelf they need to stay covered.  Put your clutches and wallets in file holders

tips for a chic closet

  • For organizing your jewelry, save your tissue roll stands

Tips for a chic closet

I hope these ideas will help you in bringing a new look to your closet 🙂










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