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Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review



There are 2 types of girls in this world. Those who buy makeup because they are just deeply in love with it and others are like me, who just see it on social media and want to try it.In the beauty world it was a heat wave going on against Urban Decay Naked Heat and I have seen quite baffling reviews.

People were going a bit nuts on it so I had to buy and see k scene asal main hai kya? Urban Decay has always been my main when it comes to eye shadows and palettes. So I knew I won’t be wasting my money on this purchase.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review by Fariha Baloch

and I got my Palette.

so let’s Begin with

Urban Decay Naked Heat

Now I have this beauty in my hand and I can take you through the whole palette in detail covering every aspect.  This palette has in total 12 colors and as the name says “Heat” definitely it has shades that are warm from reddish terracotta under tones to few shades of purples/burgundy.  The outer packaging looks like a matchbox that also makes it a perfect buy as it just launched before autumn season.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Details

The palette has a combination of different sparkly glittery colors and mattes. There is a color for every time of the day. You can apply mattes in day when you are running your basic errands or build it up with some glitters and darker shades to go out on a dinner or a party at night.

The Texture and formulation is perfectly on point and are highly pigmented. Telling you about my non expert status in makeup this palette is helping me to create something. As they are super pigmented I am still not bold enough to play around with the dark colors. Though I loved that purple and I might try it sometime but  whenever you try these the key is to “Keep Blending”

fariha baloch blog

So far my favorite’s shades are Lumbre and Dirty Talk (That I use mostly on my crease)

If you are preparing for winters and loving autumnal vibes then this palette is worth a look. You can buy this palette here and do let me know which color is your favorite

Let’s create a look together #Staychic

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  1. ohh, I really need this in my life! Afshan. 🙂

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