Wash your Face the Right way:

“Perfect Skin” can not only happen to the people who have incredible genetics or a celebrity lifestyle. But getting a fresh and flawless face is quite simple for any skin type. If you do your face cleaning routine properly and learn how to keep it away from bacteria and dust then your life can become a lot simpler. Following are the 10 tips to wash your face well and take care of it like a pro.

  1. Wash with lukewarm water:

Lukewarm water is the best that suits every skin type. Do not use cold/chilled or very warm water,  as extreme temperatures give skin problems.

  1. Remove makeup first:

We think that cleansing is enough to remove the makeup, or if we wash our face it will take away all the excessive makeup that we applied in the morning- Wrong! The staying power of concealer and foundation is amazing, guys. To make sure your face is totally clean and clear, remove your makeup first, than wash your face with your cleanser

  1. Cleanse before and after your workout:

Well washing your face after your workout is logical. But why before the workout washing face is important? Sweating opens the pores, and if we have dirt or bacteria on our face it will go inside during workout creating more troubles for our skin.

  1. Do not overdo it.

Cleansing, creams, exfoliation is good for skin. But if you will overdo it this will go opposite to the expected results. Try to exfoliate once in a week. And do not use hard scrubs or extra chemicals for your face. Treat it gently.


  1. Charcoal Mask:

Activated charcoal is a miracle. This is able to absorb several times its weight in impurities. Removing dead skin cells and giving your face a soft, supple feel

  1. Patting:

Drying your face it towel. Do not rub it Pat it. Love your face it’s the most amazing part of you.

  1. Add Oil in your routine:

As lots of A-listers, like Emma Stone (she uses grape seed oil to get her oh-so-perfectly skin), have recently shared, oil actually dissolves other oils and helps reduce blemish-making bacterias. Incorporating oils into your routine is easy.


  1. Don’t rush through the wash:

To get a face that’s all clean give it to 2-3 minutes while washing.  Never run in and then out of the bathroom – it will only soothe your mind that you are clean. Originally it’s plotting another issue.

  1. Be Gentle:

No matter what skin type you have, it’s important to treat your face delicately when applying cleanser, masks, exfoliants, etc.

10. Moisturize:

This is the key; use anything that soothes your skin an oil, lotion or butter. But never leave it dry or undone.


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