Wedding & Beyond -Part 1

Wedding Season-  The time of the year when people in Pakistan go crazy  and things get really serious and stressful especially if you are bride or groom.

I have started this new series where I will help you all through this challenging but always exciting process. We all know that weddings are often stressful and complex but there are ways to make it little easier for the bride and groom.

I would like to bring everything related to your wedding shopping, honeymoon destinations, décor, makeup, pampering opportunities, health and fitness, ways to hold on your temper and almost everything that is important for your big day and a lot of days before it.

My wedding series “Wedding and Beyond” is opening up today  I am starting off with shopping  with my first very own experience of buying accessories.

Every year August onward all of our accessory designers go vigorous with their new collections. They know that its SHADI season and people are impatient to find something that no one has ever seen before.

New Brands

While exploring new brands and markets in my city I have found 2 of our mainstream brands which are doing something really exciting in accessories and they are pocket friendly as well – Lime Light and Beech Tree. I couldn’t find a single link to the post from where you can buy their jewelry online but I also know that going to markets in these days is something that you cannot get away with, so do check them out the next time you go shopping.

wedding and beyond Guide - beech Tree accessories

Beech Tree


wedding and beyond series by Fariha Baloch

Staying in that same mainstream group for shoes I have got a brand that is popping on the top in my list these days,  it’s called Chapter 13. They have desi khusas kohatis and all kind of traditional handmade shoes with matching potli/sack purses that makes your life even easier.

wedding and beyond series

You can buy it Here

wedding and beyond series

You can buy this Here


You should not miss  these Peshawaris and dapka tilla handmade loafers… They are Swoon worthy!!!

This Year Sapphire is bringing semiprecious jewelry line called Nigeen. I believe they will have more traditional and bright pieces for the brides that will match most of your desi outfits.

wedding and beyond series

These above mentioned brands will be for your normal after shadi days obviously as they aren’t that SHADI SHADI things – Less Glam more Chicness

Now if you want to find more luxurious accessories with some extra dazzle then you need to see Rema -RemaLuxe –  – the brand we all know.

Rema Luxe has long prided itself for its ultra luxurious statement jewelry. I have been following this brand specifically for their accessories, and this is the right time to buy some of their exclusive pieces as they are bringing their new collection called “CIRQUE”. They do amazing jewelry the designs are so edgy and electrifying.

I love her Blue Bird of Happiness ring, and it looks magical.

wedding and beyond

You can buy this Here


Farah Talib Aziz for me is more of a clutch/boxpurse kind of a brand as I give more priority to their accessories then clothes. I got introduced to their accessories on their pop up display long ago in Latelier Islamabad. At that time I did not know about their clothes but their clutches were really beautiful

wedding and beyond


Talking about clutches and arm candies we should never forget this one name Mahin Hussain accessories. This brand never disappointed me for their casually chic purses, totes and well embellished fancy box clutches.

wedding and beyond

Shop Here 


This Next brand is kind of new to me, as I recently discovered it. Obviously no one would not want to miss this sea shell clutch from Mahvish naeem. I am not a sea shell fan but- I miss my heartbeat on this one 😀

Mahvish sea shell bag

Wedding Traditional

Soma international has got some fancy sliders and khussas for you. In every pair of her desi footwear quality matches precision. Each detail, no matter how small, is playing  an important part in overall look.

Wedding and Beyond

See her Collection Here

If you have more brands in your list for wedding shopping, then share it with us here in the comments below so that other Honai wali Dulhans can get help as well 😀

If this has eased you a bit then share it with your friends 🙂


If you have taken responsibility of your own wedding clothes then read my blog post on selecting the right cloth for your dresses




PS: coverphoto is taken from Pinterest

Photography : Ashutosh Choubisa  and freaking loved it 😀

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