What should be in your BAG!

Your Bag is your best friend. It hides your entire secret; it shares your burden, keeps your things safe and gives you anything that you need. If you are in office, at shopping or out for a lunch or dinner, it saves you every time either with your makeup necessities or other important supplies. My bag has almost everything that can save my day. Things like your wallet and perfume are always a must have. Keep limited but important stuff in your bag. Do not make it too heavy to carry. Let me give you few tips that can help you keep the important things for all times.


  1. The first thing that should always be in your bag is a wallet. a Hand Sanitizer!

What should be in your BAG


You can find amazing flavors in the market and now they come up with these hanging holders as well that helps you to hand your sanitizer with your bag’s strap. Every now and then you cough or sneeze. For these and so many other reasons, hand sanitizer is a must

2. A mini Sewing Kit:

sewing kit, needles, thread in a pink box

What should be in your BAG

It looks big but its small like a pocket mirror but a sewing kit should be in you bag for a day when you are facing a bad luck just because of your shirt’s zip or something.

3. Wallet:


What should be in your BAG


Its fine if it doesnot match your purse, but do not forget to keep few rupees and essential cards for  emergency purposes.

4. Planner/Organizer or Notebook:


What should be in your BAG

Forget your important tasks? Right them down in your daily planner. It will make your day a lot easier to manage.

5. Perfume/Deodorant/Body Spray and a Handcream:


What should be in your BAG


What should be in your BAG


This is one of the obvious things women carry around in their bags. In fact most men think that this is what occupies most of the place in a woman’s hand bag.

6. Munchies:


What should be in your BAG

Hunger has no particular time. Always keep something nutritious in your bag to kill your hunger pangs

7. Mascarra and Liners:


What should be in your BAG

To be on the safer side always keep them you never know with whom you gonna meet in the evening

8. A lip balm or a lip gloss/Lipstick:


What should be in your BAG

No one likes you to look drowsy at work. Apply some to look alive.

9.  Hair Supplies:


What should be in your BAG

You can experience a day when your hair gets out of control. Be Prepared!

10. Gum:


What should be in your BAG

Except the days when you are fasting no one likes you have a bad breath

11. Feminine products:


What should be in your BAG

They say you should never touch a girl’s bag without her permission. Well here is probably why. We have stuff that no one is allowed to see. Deal it nicely.


12. Obviously your cell phone:


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