Why yoga Pants are so Perfect

Girls here in Pakistan are very busy. Our routine is so controlled that we cannot throw away hours in getting ready going somewhere after work or university. For those days when you workout in early morning, catch a bus or cab to reach university or go to work I have a solution YOGA PANTS. This made my life way easier. Just wear those pants with the rising sun do your yoga routine, wear a loose buttoned bold colored blouse with any neutral coat over it. And here you go!

It takes hardly a minute for me in winters to get ready for my office. These pants make me feel easy warm and comfortable throughout the day; even after office if I need to go out and meet my friends I just manage to have a nice hairdo and a hot colored lipstick.

My recommendation:

I would recommend Calvin Klein yoga pants as I am using them, they easily fit in and are super soft, comfortable and ofcourse very reasonable.  Usually people wear cardigans over these pants or turtle neck sweat shirts, but chics always go with loose neon colored vests or bold colored blouses over it 😉

It saves your time and it also makes you feel physically fit because somehow it is definitely connected with your morning routine. You can wear flats, pumps or kitten heels with the outfit I have suggested and with windy or foggy weather Uggs or  boats will hold these pants very well.


Even celebrities usually show up on occasions by nicely dressed up with yoga pants. All you need to do is neutralize your dress with these pants and atleast one color should be bold enough to stand out and catches the stare of every other person. Believe me! just follow this tip and it will make your life way easy, and getting dressed up and going out will not be a problem for you anymore. See even Taylor Swift many times got noticed by Hollywood cameras in her favorite back ankle length yoga pants.


Fashion can make your life easier if you do it smartly. #saychic

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